Monday, October 23, 2006

Extreme Water pavilion (II)

The aim of the themed plaza “Extreme Water” is to demonstrate the effects of tsunamis, hurricanes and Mediterranean cold fronts so realistically that the public can feel them. Javier Martín, the project’s Science Director (Professor of Physical Geography of Barcelona University), explains: “members of the public fear at the risks posed by water and think that better use and planning could have lessened the impact of catastrophes like those of the Biescas campsite or New Orleans".

I hope that the pavilion wont be a excuse for massive bombardment of the public with fears on natural catastrophes. I think this pavilion should deal with information and awareness but without creating any anxiety to the visitors. After all, we all know there are dangers that, although improbable, once they happen they can have devastating effects.

But if the pavilion is going into that fearful direction, what about to tackle the Three gorges dam in China (see right) and, for example, go into explaining what are the contingency plans in case there is an earthquake there….
The Chinese are attending the Expo Zaragoza 2008, among other reasons because they will be hosting the Expo 2010 Shanghai China ( So, for sure the Chinese Three gorges dam will become a potent symbol in their pavilion. Thus, it might be good for the visitors to see the other side of the coin…either in the Chinese Pavillion or in the Extreme Water one? Anyone knows what will be featured by the Chinese on the Zaragoza Expo 2008?
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