Friday, October 06, 2006

Fiesta in Zaragoza

A fast entry in the blog just to let you know that next week Zaragoza will be on Fiesta.
Will try to explain: my region's most important fiesta is in honor of the Virgen del Pilar celebrated in Zaragoza on October 12… but there is party for all of next week.
On the day of Pilar there is a procession with a spectacular display of flowers (see left)dedicated to the Virgin.
This is beautiful to see, and if you cannot be there (like me) and yet you want to have a taste on how it feels, just click at to see it real time on the 12th October…. so many people…all in traditional dresses, many dancing and singing “jotas” (with terrific power!) …yes …difficult to pronounce….
You can access either at mid-morning or early afternoon, till more or less 15h CET
Pd. actually you can even virtually put flowers to the Virgin at

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