Friday, August 31, 2007

Estimation of water saving potential in Europe doubles

A report published by the Commission states that water use in the European Union could be reduced by about 40%. This figure is nearly twice as much as previously estimated

However, in a business as usual scenario it is estimated that water consumption by the public, industry and agriculture would increase by 16% by 2030.

Hopefully the Expo will help us, all of us, to achieve this water saving reduction or near.
The executive summary and the report are available for those interested.

Pd. If you want to check a place to have some bath in Zaragoza next summer during the Expo, According to the European Union, you can go (and make some tourism) to Salvatierra de Esca or Santa Eulalia de Gallego. Unfortunately the river Ebro is not yet on this database, but for sure, you will be able to swim near the Expo Zaragoza 2008 premises.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eagles view of Expo Zaragoza city treasures

Well, 2 posts ago, i provided you with the essence of Zaragoza from an historic point of view. Now, i want to show to you...Enjoy!

Pd. in particular, the first 2 minutes of the video are great ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Expo Zaragoza telecabin under (melted) snow thread

Well, I think this time I have got it. The most twisted title of a blog entry ever ;)

A similar telecabin to the one above will join the new train station of “Delicias” where the high speed trains will be arriving from Madrid and Barcelona with the Expo premises.

After the Expo hopefully will be dismantled and reuse (instead of the one of the Expo in Sevilla) it in one of Aragon´s ski resorts….if there is snow by then….

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Aragon Winter Olympic Games bid under (melted) water thread

People from the region will know that in recent times we have tried many times to win the bid for winter Olympic Games. Now that infrastructures are getting better, we have a new thread to our Olympic dream…warm weather.

Some years ago, United Nations officials presented before the International Olympic Committee some findings about warming and doubt this is affecting how the IOC chooses host cities for Winter Games.

Years later, some researchers based in Geneve concluded that in around 50 years (maybe earlier), global warming will push regular snowfall altitude in Pyrenees from current 1500 metres to 1800-2000 metres….

Mr. Octavio Salanova, Director of Astun ski resort believes that more artificial snow will help to solve the problem. He explains that in the US and some countries in Europe 80% of the “paths” are equipped with equipment to produce artificial snow. Here is only 12%.

Well, I am not an expert, but I think that more artificial snow means -in addition to more Co2 emissions, unless we run the artificial snow fans with renewables, field in which Aragon is doing a lot...but this is a topic for another post...on Expo Zaragoza 2008 green credentials- more running costs for the ski resorts and thus, more expensive skiing…upps… not worries. Now the good news. First, Aragon is lucky enough to have in its territory the Central Pyrenees, which means to have the highest summits and thus, the highest ski resorts of the whole Pyrenees mountains.

Second, even more important, Aragon has the historic opportunity to use the Expo Zaragoza 2008 to have a serious debate on whether a business model based on ever increasing altitudes for reliable skiing conditions is sustainable. If the answer is NO, then, time is now to “imagine” alternative/additional business models…
Pd. Till Expo comes, if you wanna go and see with your own eyes what´s out there in terms of skiing...yes, i know we are in summer...and how to get there, just follow this link ...there are summer activities too ;)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Iceberg in the river Ebro = Cool inauguration of Expo

An enormous Iceberg measuring 55 metres wide by 20 metres high, will be the stage for the inauguration show at Expo Zaragoza 2008.

The authors of the show explain in a video that a reduced version of the show (lasting around 20 minutes) will be performed every night between 10.30 pm and 11 pm from 14th June to 14th September 2008. In addition, it is expected that the show will be broadcasted over the Internet in real time …so no worries if you cannot be physically here.

Music will play an important role. To start with, and only in the inaugural ceremony, hundreds of drums of Calanda will be played together to join forces to fight against climate change through the beat of the drums. In addition, a “choir of adults and children’s voice will perform the song ‘Cantata for an iceberg’…

During the show natural equilibrium is broken and the iceberg opens up and splits into several blocks. The blocks then become enormous screens where both apocalyptic images and “awareness-raising” slogans will be put together. Faced with this panorama of destruction and fire, a (superhero) teenage appears from out of the flames, representing (the song of) hope.
If you are still with me, by now you will be wondering how an iceberg got lost and found its way to the Ebro? Especially Zaragoza might not be the obvious destination from an iceberg trying to escape from melting…well. Don’t ask me. But not worries, will let you know once I watch the show ;)