Sunday, September 14, 2008

Show must go on!

104 countries, United Nations, European Union, Iberoamerican Secretary; 93 days, 2800 experts on water and sustainable development, 60.000 volunteers and 6 million world capital of water...Zaragoza... The 2800 experts that participated in the Water tribune debates helped to shape the Zaragoza charter which contains recommendations to face challenges related to water.... so this is it?..well, no. World Water Forum will take place next month in Istambul. And for Zaragoza, is this it? No, it is not. The office of UN for water (2005-2015) in Zaragoza, a brand new research center on climate change and other initiatives should ensure that Zaragoza remains focus on water and sustainable development... Many thanks to all the people that made this possible and see you around! Pd. Click on here to follow the fireworks at 22.15!