Sunday, August 31, 2008


No need of introduction for Mijail Gorbachev, so i will be very short and to the point: Mikhail Gorbachev will be next 5th of September at the Expo (event takes place outside Expo premises in Huesca just 80 km from Zaragoza) where this Nobel Peace Prize winner will deliver a speech, under the title 'Water for Peace', looking at the main initiatives implemented at international level in the last decades that have contributed to turning water into a peace element between civilizations.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

an iceberg....

Everyone knows what´s
but difficult to imagine one in Zaragoza´s hot summer...with penguins included. Diffficult but not impossible...The world-famous Spanish director, Calixto Bieito is directing this every night (9.28 pm) miracle... The performance is a half an hour no (launguage) dialogue Dialogue between the iceberg, mankind and the Ebro, a dialogue of images and conflict mined by problems caused by climate change. Technically is a master piece gigantic show which wont leave anyone indifferent. The process is as follows: public gathers on one side of river Ebro and on the other side (yes...I haven't seen this anywhere else but it is an extraordinary idea...) the performance takes place. This is a multimedia show which -because of its impacting huge and sometimes dramatic, sad images- I wouldn't recommend to children...however it is a fantastic opportunity for all other audiences to end a day at this Expo on water and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Does water harm?

... that is the title of the last work of Nobel prize winner Dario Fo which is a call to wake up...using humor. I am delighted that -in addition to the everynight concerts at Expo Zaragoza 2008 Anfiteatro 43 the Expo and the Zaragoza city council has programmed a variety of cultural events. For the first time in history and due to Expo 2008, the Teatro Principal will open its doors in summer with theater, dance and music shows. Thus, from 13 August to 7 September, "Cómeme el coco, negro" by La Cubana. To end with this theater programme of the Expo period, from 11 to 14 of September, "Hamlet" directed by Juan Diego Botto. Also in September, from 17 to 21, it will be represented "Sitios Saragosse", a production of the Fundation Zaragoza 2008 with direction and playwriting by Mariano Anós. At another venue, the fantastic Auditorium Conference Hall where the most prestigious conductors, national and international orchestras and unique voices will meet in an excellent cycle of Classical Music directed by Zubin Mehta, for example counting with a Lyrical Gala with Montserrat Caballé and Montserrat Martí, next 5th of September... So Expo does promise something for everyone. Enjoy

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Russian pavilion: deepest lake in the world and more

The blog of Mr. Afilamazas (sorry only in Spanish...nice videos too...) explains that Expo Zaragoza is worth visiting for a number of reasons (architecture, knowledge & entertainment, etc) but warns visitors that some pavilions are just "selling" their countries ie. they are unrelated to the theme of the expo or if we are "lucky", they will show up with their best "water" achievements... Russian pavilion is much more than that. It is about water from Russian perspective.... Russia being the 2nd biggest world owner of water resources has an enormous stock of water which is managed the Russian way...Russians on top of being smart and intelligent as they are (for instance, you can see at the pavilion some Russian technological achievements such as a floating nuclear plant for water desalinisation) are emotional, warm maybe even spiritual as the audiovisual (a must see!) will allow you to know ... mixing water with science, religion and more...the video touches you in a way or another. Enjoy! Pd. There is a competition with nice prices like a visit to lake Baikal ...Russian warm hospitality included ;) More info at: en la página web '', hasta el 25 de agosto. Pd.2 in the Russian pavilion you have a shop too :)