Tuesday, March 04, 2008

1001 nights in Zaragoza

Well, sorry to say that Expo Zaragoza 2008 will be slightly shorter than that (June-September). However during the long and warm summer nights in Saragossa you can profit to go to magic places where you will be transported far away from XXI century, far away from Europe, even far away from hot summer in Zaragoza….promised.

Below just a couple of suggestions:
-El Pilar y la Seo: “El Pilar” is a fantastic basilique built where the Virgin Mary appeared in the year 40 to Apostol Saint Jacques. There inside you have “frescos” from Goya. La cathedral of “La Seo” is where previously was the mayor Mosque of the city.
-La Aljaferia: what can I say…you want to feel transported to exotic places like Marrakech. No problem. Enter this Muslim castle from XI century and start smelling the orange trees among small reservoirs of water and admiring the religious writings and symbols around the deliciously decorated ceilings. Note that the regional parliament is housed here…
Of course, many more things to visit. Many more things to live…imagine to have live music in a Roman amphitheatre…oh yes!

Imagine to enter in the modern building of a regional savings bank and discover inside “El Patio de la Infanta”, a nice renacentist “courtyard” from the XVI century, ….Zaragoza will surprise you!

Having said that, many European cities will have as much history in its shoulders as Zaragoza. So I want to run the extra mile and be really persuasive ….in one of the following blogs I promise a world exclusive…3 activities/experiences truly unique for a foreigner …