Saturday, August 02, 2008

Russian pavilion: deepest lake in the world and more

The blog of Mr. Afilamazas (sorry only in Spanish...nice videos too...) explains that Expo Zaragoza is worth visiting for a number of reasons (architecture, knowledge & entertainment, etc) but warns visitors that some pavilions are just "selling" their countries ie. they are unrelated to the theme of the expo or if we are "lucky", they will show up with their best "water" achievements... Russian pavilion is much more than that. It is about water from Russian perspective.... Russia being the 2nd biggest world owner of water resources has an enormous stock of water which is managed the Russian way...Russians on top of being smart and intelligent as they are (for instance, you can see at the pavilion some Russian technological achievements such as a floating nuclear plant for water desalinisation) are emotional, warm maybe even spiritual as the audiovisual (a must see!) will allow you to know ... mixing water with science, religion and more...the video touches you in a way or another. Enjoy! Pd. There is a competition with nice prices like a visit to lake Baikal ...Russian warm hospitality included ;) More info at: en la página web '', hasta el 25 de agosto. Pd.2 in the Russian pavilion you have a shop too :)

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