Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Zebra attacks Expo in Zaragoza

Normally you can expect international or global events being disturbed by NGOs. For example, environmentalists accusing the organisers to cement the wild meander where the Expo will take place. But what would happen if the Zaragoza Expo in 2008 is “disturbed” by small Mussels dressed in fancy zebra tones?. Material for a colourful Expo carnival parade around the pavilions? Maybe. But it can be more real than that. Millions of these conquers which –as some of the visitors- come from overseas might be there in 2008.

The Spanish delegation, supported by the Estonian, Maltese, Portuguese, Polish, Danish and Belgian delegations, recently asked the European Commission to propose measures to put in place – and to coordinate implementation of - an efficient comprehensive Community legislative framework to tackle the problem of invasive alien species.

Oh, the European Union. That means that here there is a problem, a big problem. What we do then?. Earlier this year there was an international conference in Zaragoza ( ) to exchange views on how to deal with the invasion...

.... but other parties are joining the debate…maybe from a less scientific background, but not doubt with wisdom for imaginative and artistic proposals. For example Arrudi ( He was selected to fill the river meander where the Expo will take place, known as “ranillas” (ie. small frogs”) meander with thousands of designed frogs.
I hope the ranillas will stand the fight against the zebras…otherwise, as proposed by Arrudi- I would advocate for the creation a new Spanish “tapa” to be served on all food menus at Expo Zaragoza 2008.You guest...yes, using the zebra mussels as main ingredient. Would you volunteer to taste it?


Anonymous said...

I wish that the Europea Union or the spanish government find a remedy for this plague before the Exhibition is celebrated. This "mejillón zebra" could arrive at other places of Europe?

Mika Paakkonen (Finland)

Anonymous said...

I hope so too.
Regarding whether these beasts are growing in numbers also in other EU countries, i dont know. But i guess so, as this is why action at EU level is taking place. You can read more on that at

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mussels from Brussels. Maybe you can put a 50th anniversary celebration of Brussels Expo 1958 on your plate. While your at it
how about a 'Taka' from David Takayoshi Suzuki and Matsimu Takahashi and Star Trek's 'Takai!'
The river Ebro might bowl over!