Monday, May 07, 2007

La “Cesta”: Aragon’s pavilion at Expo Zaragoza 2008

Aragon is the spanish region which hosts the Expo Zaragoza 2008 exhibition.

With a surface of more than 47.500 Km2 Aragon is larger than other European countries such as Denmark, Holland or Switzerland and… of course, much less known than them.

As I believe this to be a pity, I will use another post (or a lot of them, in fact) to let you know what you might be missing....

In this blog, I will concentrate on the Aragon’s pavilion (see above). It is quite curious that in a previous post I explained to you the curious shape of the Citizen’s initiative pavilion known as “el botijo” and now I have to explain another traditional pavilion: “la cesta”.

What’s a “cesta”? A basket. An how are they made? According to wikipedia the process consists on weaving unspun vegetable fibers together. 1 image is worth 1000 words so look on your left to see a basket being woven. Seems quite relaxing...

Pd. If you cannot wait to know more about Aragon, note that at the Aichi exhibition Aragon organized (within the Spanish Pavilion) an events week, with different activities which included Calanda drums and dancing performances.

What are Calanda drums? Here you are:


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