Thursday, February 15, 2007

Outdoor contemporary museum at Expo Zaragoza 2008

Millennium Park fountain author Jaume Plensa will sign an outdoor project in the Expo Zaragoza 2008 area near river Ebro. From Plensa's numerous outdoor projects for public spaces I would to highlight the Millennium Park fountain in Chicago. Jaume´s fountain got my imagination…let's see whether I can catch yours…
…imagine a XXI century gargoyle and put it in the middle of a park where kids go to play. Contrary to the old gargoyles, this one should not be frightening, but what to do. You can put someone face….or a 1000. Impossible? Jaume took 1,000 faces from Chicago’s citizens and projected them on LED screens. Outcome: 1 fountain, 1000 faces. Of course, as the old gargoyles this one also throws water down from the mouth…but in a different way…

I will continue to post on different artistic projects in and around the Expo 2008 because, for what I have seen, this could easily become a mayor attraction of the Expo in Zaragoza and one of the main legacies after Expo closes in September 2008.

For now, I leave you with Jaume Plensa evocative ideas of what a fountain is. He says: “A fountain is the memory of nature, this marvelous sound of a little river in the mountains translated to the city. For me, a fountain doesn't mean a big jet of water. It means humidity, the origin of life.”

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