Friday, December 15, 2006

Ebro bridge-pavilion at the 2008 International Expo in Zaragoza gets world class content providers

This landmark 270 metres long pavilion will joint obliquely (yes, obliquely!) both sides of Ebro river in the particular stile of Zaha Hadid (see more information about her posted at That’s for the shape of the receptacle. The thing to be put into the Pavilion will not doubt be as important as the pavilion itself and….

…well, we won’t have the USA as official participants to our Expo in Zaragoza, but we will enjoy American creativity from the hands of the Ralph Appelbaum Associates. They have won the € 928,000 contract to design the contents of the bridge pavilion at the 2008 International Expo in Zaragoza.

These guys have done wonderful things in the past. For instance, New York’s Museum of Natural History (see photo above of "Hall of Planet Earth") and –closer to Spaniards & Europeans- the contents of the science pavilion at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

I wish all the best inspiration for their team!!

NB: BTW, they will probably work for the World Exposition Shanghai China 2010. For the time being, they are included in the list of the First Batch of Recommended Service Providers for the World China Expo under the heading of Exhibition Planning and Designing.

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